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4 MFG and Microsoft Community Connections offers a series of monthly webinars on topics of interest to Modern Businesses and Chamber of Commerce members.

The 15-minute Tech Tuesday webinars will begin at 12:15 on topics pertinent to your business:

  • Run and Grow Your Business - Utilize apps you have and are familiar with to run and grow your business. Click here for a preview, https://youtu.be/g6UtHpigzBw
  • Email Marketing QuickStart - Email Marketing; can’t live with it, can't SURVIVE without it. We understand that kick starting your email marketing strategy can be a daunting task.  Click here for a preview. 
  • Cloud or Smoke - Do cloud services make sense for your business? 
  • No Zzz's in PowerPoint - Use PowerPoint to effectively deliver your message. 
  • Look Out It's Outlook! - Save time using the features of Outlook to manage your email and schedule. 
  • Larry's Excel-lent Adventure - Excel is a useful tool to track and share your results.  Numbers, charts, and analysis are just a few of the ways to get your message across, heard, and accepted. 
  • Better, Faster, AND Safer - Does it make sense to invest in upgraded technology? 
  • Business Disaster Survival - Over 60% of businesses close after a disaster. Prepare your business to survive. 
  • Take advantage of technology to get more time back in your day.  A lively discussion on the challenges facing Not-For-Profits with helpful suggestions.

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Run and grow your business