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Gillware Data Recovery is a professional data recovery lab specializing in recovering data from mechanically failed storage devices. Founded in 2004, Gillware performs over 15,000 recoveries each year. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, the Gilware recovery lab is SOC 2 Type II security audited and equipped with ISO-5, Class 100 cleanroom facilities. Gillware is the preferred data recovery provider for industry-leading technology companies including Western Digital and Dell.

Using their in-depth knowledge of hardware failure and data recovery, Gilware experts have also created a suite of robust, automated backup solutions to protect users from future data loss. Founded in 2006, Gillware Online Backup is the only backup company started by a data recovery lab. Gillware partners with 4 MFG to offer secure, cloud-based backup solutions for their individual and small business customers alike. The Gilware data centers are SOC 2 Type II security audited and their solutions meet regulatory requirements for HIPAA compliance.

To get a free quote, contact John at 4 MFG via phone at 312-738-0603, or email at help@4mfg.net. He will gladly provide your options to recover important information on your data storage devices and how to avoid surprises with a backup program.